Saturday, February 11, 2012

Leaf scorpion fish

Leaf scorpion fish
strongly compressed head and body,tall dorsal fin beginning well behind eyes,leafy appendages
above eyes;color highly variable.solitary or in pair.coastal,lagoon and outer reef to 134m.and special thank for jennifer again for this picture.this our knowledge about this creature.

whip coral shrimp(miropandalus hardingi)

Whip coral shrimp
yup special one for certain area..u like micro come have many guide like micro
so easy to u for who like micro.but this creature quite special here cause so difficult
to see when u came to find this here i can say'good luck for u'hehehe
by the way taken by jennifer thank so much..

Thecacera nudibranch

Thecacera nudibranch
taken by jennifer again..and thank you again..hehehe
so this creature always here area mabul and kapalai island
guide:mr niger and this very special to who like micro thing

Flat worm

Flat worm
yayaya i also not forget who like micro this picture also taken by jennifer..thank so much ones again hehe..for this creature we found in mabul and kapalai island area.they is so many and different color if u like pink u can ask u guide when came here..but we not promise all the time we can see this,cause sometime to small for us.hehe good luck and we try our best.

Crocodile fish

Crocodile fish
last time when u came here u can see many in sevanture's house reef right..but right now
in paradise2 also can see.when u see this creature is quite lazy only at night time they will swim
around to hunting.they can grow 1cm to 47cm and max depth around 3-20 mtr.picture taken by jennifer thank so much..

Dwaf lion fish

Dwarf loin fish.
this creature only have in our paradise1.they always stay in 8-13 mtr and this quite small
they always hide so make sure when u take picture always see around u 1st otherwise u get
present from this cute creature hehehe..and special thank to jennifer to take this beautiful pic.

green turtle

Green turtle.
before that special thank for jennifer to take this nice can see the
color,around mabul and kapalai island.there everywhere when low tide
if like u never see turtle so come join us here.u will see turtle for sure,diver and non diver