Thursday, September 30, 2010

Research Dive

"We got it!!!"
We research our divedite sometime when not busy week.
Try search lost things and research for Micro stuff.
New Lobster Wall is quite clear this morning,and we got it!
Bumphead parrot fish is back in Barracuda point.
Lastweek we couldn't see Bumphead even we go early morning.
Maybe they're mating out side blue.

Congratulations 200dives ! Matsui-san
Weather:Sunny and Cloudy
Sae condition:Ok
Water temp:29℃
Dive guides:Ramil,Niger,Andyrian,Fauzy,Vit

Monday, September 27, 2010

Big tide,big change

Thank you and Congrats! 100 dives
Diveshop Moana-emotion

Bye-Bye Jump!!

Septempber weather is not stable usually,but this year's different.
This few days ago,tide was big, then current was stronger than usual.
Visibility also big changed morning and afternoon.
Weather:Sunny sometimes Heavy rain
Sea condition:Ok
Dive guides:Niger,Valentine,Andyrian,Fauzy

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leafy Filefish

Sunset dive is a very interesting thing here in Paradise. This time also was the spacial dive. They found the Leafy Filefish !! and this is the photo of the fish. Not quite often to see them in here.
[Spacial thanks : Soo Tsee Ping]
Weather : Sunny
Sea condition : ok
Water Temp : 28-29 c
Dive Guide : Jimmy, Niger, Ramil, Matius, Adyrian