Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Saturday!!!

This weekend we still busy with Divers!!

Today Allister here with his diver guests & students!!

We also had group of non-diver for snorkelling!!

Here shown Divers ready for the dive in Mabul!!

Today weather was superb sunny!!

The Sea was clear while snorkellers enjoy viewing the Reefs & Fish Lifes under the SWV Water cottages!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Buka Puasa at Dive Center & It's Friday!!!

This Sunset pictures taken on yesterday 27th August!!

The Sunset light reflection of SWV Resort!!

It always beautiful Sunset view at Mabul!!

Now still the Ramadan Holy month!!

On that evening Dive Center crews got small gathering Buka Puasa!!

Most of the SWV Boatman crew & pantry lady are Muslim!!

Look how happy when we all join together for celebration!!

This Buka Puasa were arranged by SWV Dive Guides with the help from WWF staffs!!
Thank you Nina!!

This was today that morning was rain shower & at noon was already Sunny!!

Here are group coming this morning from Global Scuba, KL for Check Dive!!

Before entry water & Dive guide dive brief for point of interest, hand signal & etc!!

Here shown ready for the turn to entry water & DIVE!!

Sharon & Geneve!!

Welcome back Mr Lee with his big group!!

In the afternoon weather still sunny & windy!!

Sea condition was calm today & underwater visibility in good average!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Thursday!!!

This morning Jimmy dive brief to new comer from Italy!!

Rika san conducted Discover Scuba Diving program!!

Today weather was cloudy & sea condition bit choppy in morning!!

Here they are ready for discover underwater World!!

Congratulation to Eduardo on his 200 memory log dive!!

Lesly of Global Scuba back here again with his newly just certify PADI Jr. & Open Water students, Kapten Goh Family-Goh Lee Hoe, Loh Fei Lee & Ryan Goh except for Russell still under age!!

Today was PADI Bubble Maker program for Russell Goh!!

Russell try blow bubbles out through regulator!!

Hellooo Please show the sign of "OK"

Russell can't wait to blow more bubbles finally with Uncle Lesly went dive while his Mom & brother watching at surface and his Dad was follow dive together!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Try To Hunt But Missed!!!

It's Wednesday!!!

We are still busy!!

The weather today was fine & sunny!!

Welcome back Okutsu Hiroyuki san with his group!!
Irasshai Mase!!

The weather in this August was most on Sunny day!!

The Sea condition was calm & visibility average!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Really Fun Dive At PARADISE!!!

This blog pictures was taken on 23rd August and sorry due to internet line not so good was delayed!!

The weather was cloudy & sea condition good!!

This big group from Scuba Dynamics, Kuala Lumpur!! Today were their flight back HOME & before leaving have group photo with SWV Dive Guides!!
"Thank you for diving with us & See you again"

Here below shown the present day of House Reef dive at PARADISE 2!!

Paradise 2 is one of the best House Reef dive in the World but now due to irresponsible operators building water facilities and that surround area reefs was damaged!!

Just to make tourism money & destroyed the Mother Nature Reefs?!
The above picture show how coral reef been removed & damaged!!
On the above jetty got many tourists enjoy sun & learning courses but never cares to stop Mother Nature been destroyed!!

Just want to know "Which type of Tourist are you??"
Are you the Budget Economy or Eco-friendly Tourism Tourist??
If you see such action....what will you do??

School of Goatfish!!

Paradise 2 has its own beauty & healthy reefs!!

Please help to protect the Coral reefs wherever you visit!!

School of Brass Striped Barracuda!!

School of Yellowfin Goatfish!!

If you really like want see many kind of Coral reefs.....

.....please come snorkelling or diving at Paradise 2!!

Coral Reefs very important to the marine fishes!!

School of Sweeper!!

School of Anthias!!

Coral Bream!!

Juv. Pinnate Spadefish!!

School of Two-spot Snapper!!

Spinecheek Anemonefish!!

Long-beaked Coralfish!!

"Hey! What's up?"

Golden Rabbitfish been clean by shrimps!!

Cleaning Station can be found here!!

Dusky Rabbitfish been clean by shrimps!!

Rabbitfish, Butterflyfish & Bream are most visiters of cleaning station!!

Crocodile Flathead!!

School of Brass Striped Barracuda!!

School of Whitestreak Monocle Bream!!

Notice For all Dive Instructor on any open water training...

...Please to ensure your student diver's fins don't kick up the sands!!
The Sand Storm can covered any Coral Reefs & Seagrass that cause of killing the ecosystem of the Reefs!!

School of Bigfin Reef Squid!!

Golden Rabbitfish on cleaning station of Mushroom coral!!

School of Reefs Fishes!!

Can you spot the Cuttlefish??

Papuan Cuttlefish!!

Face to face with Crocodile Flathead!!

School of Shrimpfish!!

Winged Pipefish!!

School of Goatfish!!

School of Brass Striped Barracuda!!

School of Whitestreak Monocle Bream!!

Seabream waiting for Cleaner Wrasse!!

Small school of Bluestripe Snapper!!

Unique of the Coral Reefs!!

Blackspotted Puffer waiting for Cleaner Wrasse!!

Here shown how unique of each species Coral Reefs!!

Everyone is duty to look after the Reefs & not push back to others!!
If you stop buying then killing will stop too! If you pay for enjoyment then make sure free from any Nature Environment threat!! If you see or witness please act & don't be silent!!

Pair of Zebra Lionfish!!

Pair of Ornate Ghost Pipefish!!