Saturday, November 26, 2011

thank so much for group,they celebrate 250 total dive in sipadan water village.hope we can see u again..

we was found mimic octopus

In 21th nov 2011 one group was found mimic octopus when they do the 3rd dive around 3.oopm in around mabul and kapalai island,
thank you very much for ms.yeeven cause give me the photo of mimic octopus..
weather;sunny day
water temp:around 29c-30c
so when u go here if like u want to see this just request but we cannot promise 100%,cause this one can swim all the time..
we try our best.

Monday, November 21, 2011


thanks for MS.yoshiko ide and MS.chikako asaga.hope we can see u again for next trip..


Entertaining guest with 2 Japaneses people and 2 Italy that time dm was allan,andyrian,jimmy,ramil,froilan and one of from reception is fang sing..

the schedule

MR.Allan fix the schedule in this time many guest come and it very in this time ..we all do our best to make u all happy..gambatee neh.

doing surface intarble in sipadan island

Russian group..just finish 1st dive in sipadan
island with the smile ..

MR.Murai tomoomi group

our guest in sipadan island.they was very happy in this time.
guide:andyrian justin.

welcome to MR murai tomoomi group.

they so happy with simile face after arrive in the sipadan water villager resort.sasiburi neh.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

thank for.MS Ohta Yoshiko already add total dive until 396 dive,
and MS Ohata Mayumi also done until 197 dive..we hope so can see u again,
guide by:velantine,fauzy,and ramil.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Tonight MS.AIKAWA KANA GROUP last night,we a so happy they came again..thank you and we hope we can meet them again.

news today arrive Russian group come about 10 people,they all friendly...coming with the smile

this they take pic with D-trip group with ms.RIKA san..they all have wonderful smile..

celebrate 50 dive

this is a second pic,they take from other side very nice shoot with whole group and
include two guide mr.ALLAN and mr.RAMIL

ok our news today is congratulation who does have 50 dive in sipadan water village for ms,GOTO LORI,ms.HIROMI AND ms.BON HIROMI..OMEDATO.
everyone was very happy in that time..thank for this group mr.MOCHIZUKI DAIJIRO..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

This November

You can see it when wake up before sunrise 5:40a.m.
[Photo by Rika Hirose]
Zephyrinidae Janolus sp
I saw it same place 2days
Hypselodoris Krakatoa
All happy dives?? 400dives anniversary
[Special thanks!!:all photo by Reiko-san]

Generally November weather is changing to Rainy season weather.
beginning of Nov still calm,stable.but end of Nov change into rain.
This few days was good weather,sometime rain but vis is still good.
Mabul and Kapalai about 15m sometime 20m!!! Sipadan about 20m,but depends on tide.


Weather:Sunny sometime rain
Sea condition:OK
Water temp:27-29℃
Dive guides:Allan,Jimmy,Froilan,Ramil,Niger,Andyrian,Matius,Valentine